Sunday, October 17, 2021

5 Moments from a week of killing and being arrested

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4. McCary Family.

A month after he pleaded guilty to a sex-trafficking case, David McCary’s parents were followed by FBI agents as they traveled to Orlando, just hours before his wife received a local arrest warrant for their fugitive son. The McCary family’s encounter with the law came hours after Brenda McCary, who had reportedly fled with her son, was reported missing.

“Hearing the news today that Brenda McCary was missing and Brenda McCary was being sought by law enforcement was very frustrating. Brenda is a fantastic mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother,” reads a statement from McCary’s parents from outside their home in San Bernardino, California. “Our family is praying for her safe return to her family and our home.”


David McCary was arrested last month at the Orlando airport after he was found to be a fugitive from justice. He pleaded guilty on April 25 to a federal charge of sex trafficking of a minor in connection with a case involving a girl from Michigan who had traveled to Michigan to work as a prostitute.

According to a court filing, when asked about the allegation, David McCary responded: “You’re a stupid slut, a real little devil-spawn.”

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