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Erin Brennan is the co-founder of Rewire.Net, which released “What to Expect,” a guide on what to expect when an abortion is about to take place, this week. She spoke with New York Times’ writer Jill Filipovic to discuss the fight for reproductive rights in the Trump era and what needs to be done in the days before and after the Supreme Court decides the case.

Ms. Brennan discussed the mentality of young people who view abortion as a simple thing that can happen without feeling shame.

“A lot of young people, they think it’s a very routine procedure and it’s not,” she said. “They know their abortion is going to be completed in four to eight weeks, and sometimes they’re not sure of the gestation; so they’re not at all feeling the shame.”

Regarding the upcoming case before the Supreme Court: Ms. Brennan spoke about how people are feeling about the looming decision:

“I think [women and families] just want to make sure that whatever the court does is good for everybody. But I also think there’s a general fear that some things are just so profoundly important, like women’s access to safe, legal abortion access. And I think that people feel like it’s just a fight that they should be a part of, and they should be shouting loudly.”

Ebony Sanchez, founder of the Raising Sane campaign, was also interviewed by Jill Filipovic, and shared a video of herself speaking out about her experience with her late-term abortion last month. See her speech here:

Video by Daisy Carrington

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