Monday, October 18, 2021




How the Americans with Disabilities Act will save lives in the workplace

The Safe Workplace ActEight hours after the bill was signed into law, the White House announced the creation of a “National Disaster Industrial Accident...

Xi Jinping’s jailbird of a property mogul: ‘I have never lifted a finger against my people’

The billionaire chairman of Chinese property giant Evergrande, jailed for corruption in February, has pledged to return to the company he built over the...

Captain Amazon Stout On Race Relations & The World Cup

Play Audio Clip Listen to audio clip.There's a scene at the end of Mat Roos' play, "Inherit the Wind" at The Crucible's summer residence,...

How can the biblical story of the Nativity shape our lives today?

By David James Todd and The Festival of Unruly StoriesAs I have mentioned many times to my disciples during readings of this column, during...

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