Thursday, October 21, 2021

Building A Championship Offense: The Road to a 12th National Title for Notre Dame?

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Sixteen years ago the Dubliners were a flash in the pan. But when it came to home running back Zander Coltman, they weren’t. When Coltman got to the NFL, they were a hurricane. But they weren’t.

Penn State fans might have been happier when Brandon Jackson was drafted. Perhaps they would have been more inspired when Jared Abbrederis was chosen. But Coltman is No. 1.

He is the lead runner for the Irish in the Irish secondary and he is the leader of their defense.

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More from Webster’s Dictionary:

The defense for Notre Dame

The center stage of Irish success and failure

1 of 10 The Irish of Notre Dame makes it harder to tear down the traditions, black and white, that make the university so powerful. We know who we are and that’s the way it’s gonna stay. This was proven 20 years ago when the Irish were blown out by Southern Cal and some wondering what had happened to the program. Since then the Irish have only looked back. Heads know what their hearts want to do and they’ve done exactly what they want to do: win. It’s a small committee of dedicated men who protect all the scars and legends. When the helmet is slapped, the paint is dried and the hit is absorbed, it all gets quickly under control because everybody knows who they are. The day the Aggies took the field, blue, white and gold could finally join together to stomp out Alabama. Ole Miss couldn’t get much going and the sweet green and white were waiting to make a statement. This football team was on a mission.The defense for Notre Dame The look of dedication on the faces of the players was mighty. We have been here before. We are more than just another championship team. We are a physical team with a quest for the title. If the Irish can get it done this year, it will be their first since 1988.

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