Monday, October 18, 2021

Chef Don – “The Most Significant Political News Story of the Last Few Months…”

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The most significant news story of the last few months in the U.S. may be the primaries of April 10, 2020, between Democrat U.S. Senate candidate J. Don Abner, dubbed “Chef Don,” and Democrat former top Enron executive and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, nicknamed “Big K”.

Chef Don lost both the pre-primary primaries and Texas primary elections.

But that didn’t stop Chef Don from meeting with New York Democratic state Chairman Jay Jacobs, in an attempt to form a third party, possibly in the mold of the 1912 Socialist Party. The Socialist Party nominated former industrialist and presidential candidate Henry Wallace to defeat President Theodore Roosevelt. Although the United States Constitution prevents forming a separate party from a political party, Jacobs was not going to tell Chef Don it was impossible to form his own party. He said he would look into it.

After the meeting, Chef Don headed to the Dallas County Democratic Party headquarters, where he met with Chairwoman Hillary Hall. There, he met with the county Democratic Party’s steering committee and was told that the party would be taking no stand on whether to support or oppose his third party for Senate candidacy.

He said this caused consternation in the ranks. Who would sit on a board like that in a democratic climate like this? Were the Democratic Party establishment radicals? They were not. They would prove to be solidly behind the progressive Democratic Party leader in the country, Senator Hillary Clinton.

Chef Don was encouraged and thanked for his perseverance. He met with his supporters and had a great reception. He asked for twenty of his supporters, who are committed to getting him elected, to serve on a committee. They were delighted by the request and agreed to do so.

All seemed good. But when he returned to Texas, Chef Don lost the primaries, but his name did find a place on the ballot.

Chef Don was reintroduced to the public a few days later, Nov 19, with his announcement at the Texas Democratic Convention. It was an instant hit.

In an election year expected to be friendly to the Democratic Party, it would appear that Chef Don’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate from Texas is sure to be a success. He received a warm welcome from a panel of senior Democratic leaders.

Texas Democrats have not lost a Senate seat since 1954. But as Bob Beckel has asked, “What are Democrats doing for you?” On Election Day, it will be up to a small group of hard-working Texas Democrats to determine what the Democratic Party is doing for them.

That is the good news.

The bad news is that Chef Don Walton’s third party candidacy can happen only if a third party is established in Texas, so Texas Democrats can avoid nominating as their nominee a moderate Democrat in an election cycle full of demographic waves and anti-incumbent sentiment.

There have been numerous good reports concerning the performance of Chef Don Walton and the Progressive Democrats of America. But there has been no telephone interview with him. Let’s hear from Chef Don Walton. Maybe he would like to tell us his thoughts on race, racism, religion, and politics. Would he like to be featured as a guest on TV’s The McLaughlin Group? Any suggestions?

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