Monday, October 18, 2021

‘First Wives Club’ has had a wild, funny, surprising and enjoyable ride. Here’s what Taylor thinks about the final ride.

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Spurred by Blake’s extensive gambling, Miranda and the couple’s assistant convince their pal, Bobby, to strip. The fateful action is the catalyst for an explosive trial in which Adam Wilde (played by Lili Taylor) faces charges for hiring a private investigator to track down Blake’s former lover, Kelly Alexander (Angela Griffin). On top of that, Blake is soon implicated in four sexual harassment suits, forcing Miranda and Adam to take sides in a battle they thought they had left behind.

From the moment Brad Carnahan’s coming-of-age novel became a film adaptation, fans and critics alike eagerly awaited the depiction of the couple’s “anything but normal” love life. In a press call, actress Holland Taylor said she hasn’t sensed much interest in a more salacious film version: “If there’s a movie out there that deals with other conflicts of love, I’d rather hear about that.” In fact, Taylor—who has nine Emmys for her roles in The Practice and Two and a Half Men—said she was grateful to explore the various ways in which the couple could sustain and overcome their problems.

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