GameStop asked Redditors to crush Microsoft on Twitter and get a ‘Xbox One’

In a twisted case of wanting what you can’t have, your dreams are seeing a bit of reality today at GameStop. The giant video-game retailer is getting asked to pay something back in the

In a twisted case of wanting what you can’t have, your dreams are seeing a bit of reality today at GameStop.

The giant video-game retailer is getting asked to pay something back in the extra supply of new game titles that seem to have materialized in recent days. (Gaming stock prices had been pushed down with reports of cannibalized video-game sales, a tax quirk and China’s Olympic snafu.)

Now, here comes GameStop with “an angry mob” of customers. On Reddit, a GameStop subreddit (its own version of Reddit), redditors ranted Thursday about two products being at the top of their wish list: an Xbox One and an Xbox 360. Ranting and ramming, all that.

GameStop isn’t commenting. But, the last few days on Reddit have been:

“Not alone this time,” one redditor wrote. “I’m sure you’re super bad at your job, but this week you took the border community and retail and did nothing but make life miserable for our whole side of the border.”

“How lame are you,”

“I’ll assume a lot of people are getting elbowed out of the market”

“You’re a multimillion dollar corporation, as we speak. You should know how to execute shipping better than this”

“It’s not as if they had any choice … even though I think they are well aware it’s going to be too late to execute a good shipping option.”

Others have said they may go to Best Buy or Amazon instead. But, some are hoping (?) for GameStop: “I hope the retailer does get the blame and we end up getting the Xbox One. Like … ooooooh!!!,” wrote a redditor.

Some investors reacted to the Reddit ranting, sending GameStop’s stock price up. Now, it’s up over 6 percent.

GameStop has traditionally been the large player in gaming, where its outlets can cater to smaller games stores and gamers to other big-name electronic stores and home entertainment companies like Sony and Microsoft. (Some Wall Street firms, like Wedbush, have stopped rating GameStop stock until the company makes more money.)

But on Reddit, some Redditors argued that other stores, like Amazon, Target and Best Buy, are no longer over-capitalized for their individual business models and that GameStop’s success is self-evident. It has dominated in its home market and, according to one redditor, seems unlikely to go out of business.

Reddit’s thread with the biggest upsets over retailers has a very distinct feel:

Just got home from Target. Love that store. Fooking UPS! — Christmas Clues (@_XmasCllif) April 13, 2015

And, in this thread, GameStop did its weird marketing-oriented-this-time-goes-well strategy, by out-cart-docking Redbox:

A Redbox kiosk isn’t always in the neighborhood — they can be out of order, move around, even be “portaled”. And sometimes you get your cash back, too — the only one seems to have done so recently.

But, these Redditors said, GameStop on Thursday tried to console them (as it should, as more Redditors came to the game):

My laptop and my Xbox all kind of died. Sure, no tech support — just kind of happy to have them. GameStop can do that for you. — SAEndependent Forseason (@Fantasy_SaaE) April 13, 2015

But, as with all things on Reddit, GameStop hasn’t silenced the rants and current screeders. They have not responded to them either:

All that ranting. 2% better, GameStop — THe Time of Rain (@Ttwatman) April 13, 2015

Then, one Redditor asked GameStop: Do you know what the hell is going on?

GameStop: “You think I would buy a video game console, what would I want me to do? I don’t know. What do you want me to do?” — XXX (@DoubleEDMXXX) April 13, 2015

But, the Blockbuster, Netflix-like GameStop has found a funny way to make nice. They gave some Redditors the chance to have the Xbox One and Xbox

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