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God, Thor, Loki and Spider-Man unite in a crossover movie

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Since the 18th century, the Lutheran Church in America has tussled with the Norse God Thor. But Ragnarok, the upcoming Thor film starring Chris Hemsworth, is poised to prove that the God of Thunder has some serious muscle, not to mention a pretty cool weapon, in the end. The N.B.A. is now playing nice and even Thor himself is hopping on the team.

Basketball legend James Worthy is a special guest star in the film, and when he was asked during a recent interview by ESPN to name his favorite Norse god, Worthy went with Thor. “I loved Thor as a kid,” he said. “He’s the Norse god who sets the tone. That’s what the Marvel universe is. He’s a guy who does most of the work. It’s great to see one of the best film professionals here in the country team up with Marvel to create that kind of a movie.”

Other Marvel superheroes are taking a cue from Worthy and helping to rebuild their faith, reports the Associated Press. Civil War’s Ant-Man has been donating to Christian relief organizations since getting caught up in an artificially induced vision of a giant insect that is literally eating the world’s cities. Black Panther, who cut his teeth on a daycare farm where his ward, Shuri, would be micromanaging an operation of making T’Challa a superhero, tells the Guardian that he’s a fan of the church, and now even participates in Sunday services. Dora Milaje leader Okoye says she’s been inspired by the ministrations of a holy figure called Yiwu, and doesn’t miss a Sunday service because of her busy schedule.

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“I was in a movie [Civil War] and I had to be there on Sunday, and before the start of that movie, I found a Christian service. [I] found the shortest service, and I did it! So that’s cool,” she said. “I like what we had at home, but I think having that mass is really nice. … They like to serve people and heal people, and that’s cool.”

Eventually, Thor — who goes by Mjolnir in the film — will be forced to choose sides, bringing a choice between two ideologies. And he, too, will be pressed to choose a religion: The Norse god and the Norse church have been fighting for converts, as Hemsworth told Vox earlier this year. “Thor and the Norse Church are going to battle it out and both want different things,” he said. “There are two different places where religion is made. There’s the [worldwide] Orthodox church where you can speak the language, and there’s the Lutheran Church in America where they have rituals that run the gamut.”

Things won’t be a snap decision, however. In the Norse tradition, when Thor has judged there is only one correct answer, he will rip the hammer out of his hands. This makes it easy to see that Thor — who has tried out different gods over the years, and now the Norse Church will put a test to him — is no competitor.

And we think it’s hard to imagine a better weapon in a decision than a sword made out of the bone of an elephant. That would be perfect.

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