Thursday, October 21, 2021

Guns at schoolgirl, tooth fairy on the hunt: Buenos Aires photoshoot breaks the internet

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Written by by Cari + Koko, CNN

This is the horrifying moment that broke the internet: A photoshoot in Buenos Aires depicting a girl as a naughty schoolgirl and another being the tooth fairy on a desperate search for a lost tooth.

A journalist from Argentina’s state broadcaster Telam said he had no idea that the images would be so offensive when the photos were shot.

His colleague, who was also present, explained the possibility of the subjects taking any ill-will towards Telam.

“It’s no big deal. We are not only state TV — we are public TV and are also in the public domain, and we didn’t get permission to do this,” Camila Montiel said in a video posted on the broadcaster’s website.

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High-speed car chase

The radio journalist explained that the stars of the show — Canadian singer Meaghan Smith and Argentine singer Blanca Soto — were to perform at the Tandojen nightclub.

The subject of the photoshoot had been told not to take pictures but abandoned her gun-toting parents, opened the car door and proceeded to let the musician film.

Once they’d got the train back to the airport, she posed for photographers — this time bringing the mother along — before driving off in an unroadworthy, old car.

“The last 40 minutes were the most horrible moments of my life,” Soto said.

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