Monday, October 18, 2021

How do you cut out the “too many players in the field”

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Image copyright Sahu Ram / EyeEm Image caption The telecoms industry has become more reliant on authentication/authentication solutions

In the vast world of telecoms, many of the rules are made to protect one of the most valuable services: having peace of mind.

They regulate who can see what, and how they should be made to do so. They make sure communications are secure, fair and reliable.

In this field, there is also one consistent complaint: too many players vying for your business.

So how do you whittle down a massive field?

Image copyright Sahu Ram Image caption It costs £30m to roll out an entire 5G network

Sometimes the solution lies in outsourcing, meaning you allow another company to take over, manage or administer certain aspects of your internal processes – which to some will seem a bad thing.

Mr Velu said his company had done this before.

“[This is] so that you can focus on the core function of what you do,” he said.

“It’s like the person who runs the wardrobe in the house who has to do the shops as well.”

The idea of outsourcing deals is not new – but it is increasingly becoming the norm as companies look to reduce costs.

Image copyright Malcolm Dickie Image caption Martin El-Olbia works in the telecoms industry

Yet right now some of those services are not being taken to their logical conclusion.

Take security. To one side, there is public safety, with private companies and network operators working with the Government to ensure all crime can be thwarted with spotless networks.

It is a big business, bringing in nearly £5bn a year.

Then there is the insurance industry, which typically uses massive switchboard systems with huge redundancy systems to manage everything from flight cancellation policies to business failure cover.

Image copyright vianarchy Image caption Vianarchy is a service which can look after your identity in various ways

Such companies are always trying to run their processes more efficiently.

When it comes to such security, one service is being eyed up as a potential solution – but the idea does not sit with everyone.

It is called Alarm24, and it allows service providers to set up their own virtual networks, for a hefty fee.

Image copyright 🌻 Emily Lee Image caption Alarm24 allows service providers to set up their own virtual networks

“What we do is consolidate all the infrastructures at a very low cost,” said Martin El-Olbia.

The plans may sound unprofitable, but they are hugely popular, with over 20,000 customers from around the world taking part.

Alarm24 will also carry out security audits and can work as an Independent Auditor.

A cynic might say they can bring a much needed lifeline to “too many players in the field” with the extra fees they charge.

But would companies really be comfortable with contractors watching over how they run their business?

With the short attention span of the modern consumer, is this a deal for disaster?

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