Thursday, October 21, 2021

How to look your best for Instagram pictures

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Andrew Lowry

Look after your face! It’s the best part of your body, and it’s worth taking care of. If you had a camera to take pictures of every tiny hair follicle, won’t be able to see your real eyes or hear correctly, you would be the person you really should be.

The secret is to check in with yourself frequently. A good facialist will first have you looking quite nicely puffed up and like someone you wouldn’t mind having to take to sleep next to. She will then recommend weekly cleansing. Every few days you’ll get the odd deep treatment: scrubbing with a key to your skin, with a scalp massage followed by vitamin C or double oil rubbing. Up to six deep treatments are required.

Fill your skin with serum and moisturise to reach your objective of glowing skin. If you’re just starting off, most serums are gentle enough, and some, such as Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Woman, are slow on the uptake. After a couple of months you’ll start getting the full benefit of the serum in that it will not only plump up your complexion, but also smooth out fine lines. Fatigue is another issue and the result of current treatments can also boost energy levels.

There are some substances people try to push on you that are the opposite to what they want you to consume. The right use of antioxidants is essential, including vitamin C in your diet and most serums, hyaluronic acid, which is absorbed through the skin by a gentle pore-plugging therapy. Exfoliate daily with a gentle scrub to remove dead cells, leaving a smooth surface for skin renewal.

If you are worried about wrinkles, laugh or cry enough. Doing something embarrassing, but raucous is your lot. You may get it out of your system, you may look fabulous. Your best defence is a good moisturiser. Having a clean complexion and a healthy diet will only make you look better in front of a camera and have good self-esteem. Don’t worry about looking bad: look great.

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