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Ken Baer’s “Car Crash Comedy Central” : Sept. 9, 2011

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Hello folks! It’s a holiday weekend, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy it. However, I have to get back to work Monday, so here’s how I’m spending my downtime. First of all, I have not seen it, and it really is a mystery to me why. The picture is very nice, however. So, I’ll have to wait until I see it again to figure out why. I’m still hopeful though, for these movies to come out — besides “Fantastic Beasts.” When I see them on big screen, I can’t look away. I’ll keep you posted on what’s coming out, and hopefully, the big ones will be in theaters soon. A big thanks to Zabi Piracha for providing the photos!

Music… What’s up world? We’re constantly growing, and we are now growing once again — add diversity! The HBO Max website is now offering music. Will this be the music to the channel? Who knows? So, be on the lookout for the shows, but be sure to listen to the music. I still haven’t got used to having two HBO Max stations, as they were after shows on Netflix and something else. Yay!

Wondering why the December massacre in Iran happened? Now you can find out! We got two docs on the topic: “The Day a Revolution Died” and “Still the Enemy Within.” Both really informative. “The Day a Revolution Died” shows us what happened in Iran in 1979, where you find images of young people protesting the government. “Still the Enemy Within” goes into their psy-op campaign, of trying to kill the president of Iran. One thing is for sure — you have to learn to keep an eye on history!

All right! That’s my report from the show this week. Time for some shorts, followed by the countdown to “Saturday Night Live”s 40th!

Tomorrow is #8seconds to SNL, Oct 5th. Dancing with the Stars, The Voice & Dancing with the Stars Pro Partner’s All New Fall Fantasies are nominated for awards. Digital shorts over and out! Episode 30 — everything starts at 11:30pm ET! Make sure you tune in! Cheers! Happy birthday, Kid Rock! P.S. Shout out my photo lady, Valerie, but more importantly, click here for her website, ValorPhotographer.

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