Monday, October 18, 2021

Man discovers entire century-old home in sinkhole near Oklahoma lake

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It’s true: Even Oklahoma is not immune to sinkholes.

Near Pawnee, at the bottom of the ridge near Lake Shannon, a man found what sounded like the launching of rockets, when in fact, he was found at the very bottom of a sinkhole.

Seen from above, the 30-foot abyss — more commonly known as a sinkhole — was about 25 feet in diameter and about 350 feet deep. But when Philip Prasher stepped out of his truck and headed toward the abyss, his feet disappeared. That’s when he knew something was wrong.

“It was like stepping into a rainforest,” Prasher told CNN. “The ground just gave way.”

According to the National Science Foundation, sinkholes occur when soil erodes away, creating voids. Most occur in freshwater basins, though water pressure can cause them to collapse into deep sinkholes.

Prasher, who is credited with discovering the new sinkhole — in 1903 — said he couldn’t remember what happened when he first stepped in. But he knows the rest of his life will have a different chapter.

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