Thursday, October 21, 2021

Manhunt: Suspect arrested for girlfriend’s murder in Colombia

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Written by By Vivian Kuo, CNN Berlin, Germany

Antonio Pacheco told cops in Bogota he was traveling to the Colombian capital to help the police, who had been hunting him for days after his girlfriend was shot dead

“I wanted to help the Colombian Police because I know the pain they feel,” he wrote in his latest Twitter update on Thursday.

On August 4, Spanish girlfriend Victoria Leonora Brizuela, 32, was found dead in the couple’s apartment in the coastal city of Cartagena, just hours after Antonio Pacheco fled the scene.

Brizuela was found holding a .380 pistol in her left hand, with the gun’s slide facing downward in the same hand, Colombian police said. The bullet passed through her right arm.

Antonio Pacheco posts to social media after his girlfriend’s death. Credit: Facebook/David Grijalva Garcia

The post appeared a day after authorities announced that the manager of a restaurant in which Pacheco had worked was being sought in connection with the murder. In a statement Thursday, police said Pacheco’s manager had fled to the Netherlands on August 3.

This photo shows Angela Leonora Brizuela in Cartagena before her death. Credit: AP

Pacheco had last been seen driving the same black 4×4 SUV Brizuela was found with on August 4 and had turned up the next day in Madrid, Spain. He was arrested two days later in Nuevo Leon state.

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