Monday, October 18, 2021

MyGabbyLife shuts down after vlogger girl found dead after being hit by car

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Scripps second-grader Gabrielle Petito (center) was pronounced dead after getting into a crash on Thursday.

MyGabbyLife, a 4chan page dedicated to internet sensation and teen vlogger Gabrielle Petito, is crashing for the second time this week after the video-sharing site admitted that “some of the content that’s still in there is unacceptable.”

MyGabbyLife, which boasts nearly two million subscribers, offered a lengthy statement to its fans over the weekend after Petito was found dead in Wyoming by local police following a car crash that killed two other individuals.

“We are incredibly saddened to share with you that Gabrielle was involved in a tragic accident that took her life yesterday afternoon,” a statement on the site reads. “She was a vlogger on YouTube, but also cared about cooking, sewing, and the arts. Gaby was an amazing girl who touched the lives of so many people around the world. At this time, we ask that you please respect the family’s privacy. This page will remain closed until further notice.”

Petito, 16, first found success on YouTube as a “natural” artist known as Gaby Roslin, a vlogger who posted how-to videos with an obvious emphasis on the funny.

Her rising career made headlines following a 2014 YouTube video where she waxed poetic about racism and sexism on the internet, and was later called out by the National Urban League for frequently presenting the “contradictions between YouTube’s easy accessibility to marginalized groups and the activities of commenters whose barrage of insults reveal their inherent prejudice.” Petito was also among young women noted by Women’s Online for the blog posts they deem “unsafe to read for women.”

Under her “Gabby Roslin” pseudonym, the high school student and homeroom teacher in Ithaca, New York grew her professional empire to include multiple YouTube channels — as well as a YouTuber store.

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