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Nancy Pelosi’s husband killed in attack on her House

Nancy Pelosi's husband killed in attack on her House

‘Heartbroken and traumatized’: Nancy Pelosi responds to violent attack on her husband

‘Heartbroken and traumatized’: Nancy Pelosi responds to violent attack on her husband

Nancy Pelosi is speaking out after a supporter punched her husband, killing him.

A protester, who had been blocking traffic and chanting, punched Donald Trump’s wife as she looked at her from inside her carriage. The victim, 71-year-old House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was left bloodied according to the National Post.


A witness described the woman who punched Trump’s wife as a “nasty woman.”

The attack on the first family occurred just before Pelosi delivered her weekly address to the House on Wednesday.

One of Pelosi’s aides, who spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity, said the attack was “unprovoked.”

The first lady described her husband as a “man of action, a man with a plan.”

“He loves his family and is the greatest husband ever to so many,” Pelosi told her chamber.

“And he is like a dad to members of our staff and others who have been working with him, day and night — the last several nights. And he is in a very tough situation. He is very sad — and we are all sad — about the attack, but he is coming along,” Pelosi said.

She then went on to thank Trump for his support and his message of hope.

“He has been, and he will be, a powerful voice for the American people for as long as he lives,” she concluded.

After the attack

Pelosi released a statement a short while after her husband was attacked, thanking her staff and her supporters.

“I am heartbroken and traumatized by the despicable act of violence that took place Sunday night in the gallery of the House of Representatives,” she said.

“I am praying for his recovery and the support of our entire nation. I have spoken with the Speaker from his hospital bed and know he is recovering well. My thoughts and prayers are with

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