Thursday, October 21, 2021

Nasty campaign games ended when voting ended

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Election day was delayed to allow security forces to carry out early exit polling on Monday night, after the polling stations in Iraq were filled to capacity as voters were shuttled to the polling stations on specially chartered buses.

At the University of London, Andy Burnham, the Labour Shadow Home Secretary, warned that the “campaign had been sustained to the point of unrelenting conflict” and warned that “it is incumbent on every one of us to walk away from this campaign,” according to The Times.

Mr Burnham was speaking after voting in Tower Hamlets.

MPs were guaranteed only a few minutes of quiet as security forces paid their respects at the Westminster flag-draped casket of George “Bertie” Bundy, the former Conservative chairman who died this month.

Mr Bundy was among the early Christians who brought faith to Britain – he is credited with helping thousands of poor people join and eventually call themselves Anglicans in London.

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