Monday, October 18, 2021

New Music Friday: Lil Nas X (‘gives birth’) and Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams

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The frantic rap firebrand who paved the way for Blaze Da Masters is released after two years in jail, and the Nashville-born pop star’s newest song has come and gone. What’s this all about? This week’s Music Friday

New Music Friday: Lil Nas X ‘gives birth’ and Taylor Swift surprises with ‘Wildest Dreams’

Welcome to this week’s edition of New Music Friday, where we round up what’s going on in the world of music from today, covering a bevy of festival performance videos, a new collaboration from the emerging musician Questlove, the release of a new album from a member of Four Tet and a new LP from a Scandinavian electronic band. We’ve also got Taylor Swift sharing a one-off performance of a song called Wildest Dreams to raise money for the Red Cross.

Lil Nas X

Brought back to life after two years in jail, Lil Nas X is throwing some defiant bars in his sister’s direction. This audio/visual reaction of a new song by the prolific rapper hasn’t yet been released as a full release, but some snippets have been released. And if you are looking for a second opinion from the veteran R&B songstress who has released 11 albums, you’ll want to check out First Lady Omarion – the original star of Lil Nas X’s original videos – on Twitter.


Q-Tip and Run the Jewels wrapped up a wild set of performances at Coachella – beating Drake and Beyoncé at the annual California festival. The young Kendrick Lamar wasn’t the only performer to deliver an eye-catching performance at the music festival. Questlove, the band’s drummer, has been tweeting from the festival.

Lil Nas X

The Australian band featuring a member of Swedish dance collective Four Tet – Syd Archer – are set to release their latest album Tomorrow Is Another Day. The name of the album does no justice to how the album turned out: it was inspired by punk and inspired by Dutch art group Vincer.

Taylor Swift covers Wildest Dreams

Even the mighty Taylor Swift can’t resist sharing a two-minute track from a different artist to help raise money for the Red Cross. Wildest Dreams is given a modern twist.

Forest Swords

The Norwegian pop singer with a black streak down her throat, Forest Swords, is about to release her second album. The 34-year-old band member scored a No 1 hit in Norway in 2014 with a song called Country Lips and she’s just finished her single With You. Watch a live performance from Forest Swords at a South African party in 2014 here.

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