Saturday, October 16, 2021

Nurse found dead after swallowing insulin told friend that she planned to ‘ruin’ the man

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A 29-year-old former nurse who was working in a Prince George’s Hospital in London died last year after she swallowed an overdose of insulin. Karen Gosling from Essex was found dead by a colleague in the waste room last July.

The coroner at the inquest said Ms. Gosling was initially found slumped over a duty computer in the back of the building and when she appeared to be sober had told her supervisor that she would not do her shift. By the time she was discovered dead the next day, Ms. Gosling had ingested three double doses of insulin, and the nurse would have needed at least five of them to kill herself. A post-mortem concluded that the conditions under which she died were extremely rare.

“It is clear from the evidence presented in this case that obesity was the key factor. She had attained an extremely large body mass index, with an unexplained degree of fat around her organs. This, and her excessive weight gain, were factors that affected her mental health,” said the coroner, Amanda Colvin.

But the inquest also revealed that Ms. Gosling had been on the receiving end of unwanted attention from one of her male colleagues, who “entered into her personal space and” her mind.

Ms. Gosling told a friend that he had told her he would steal her money and “take advantage of her on the sick day.” She went on to say that he was “intimidating” and told her that “in future, she would find a way to ruin him.” Ms. Gosling was also quoted as saying “he was mean and used sexual language towards me,” a claim to which Mr. Goffling denied.

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