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OCTA Resigns Executive Director Kevin Keck

OCTA Resigns Executive Director Kevin Keck

Orange County Transportation Corridors Agencies head resigns after investigation into alleged misconduct

The following is from the Orange County Transportation Authority’s (OCTA) news release on today’s resignation of its Executive Director, Kevin Keck.

OCTA CEO Gary Maynard has announced the resignation of OCTA’s Executive Director Kevin Keck. Keck’s resignation was submitted to OCTA board and governing board Chairman Thomas Larkins on Friday, February 20th.

Keck is one of the most highly regarded and experienced executives at OCTA and is well known across the organization for his strategic vision and attention to detail as evidenced through the successful implementation of OCTA’s master plans.

Keck joined OCTA in 2003 as a Senior Transportation Engineer in the Planning and Analysis Division as part of the planning team which had the responsibility for the development, implementation and evaluation of OCTA’s transportation infrastructure projects.

Keck currently serves on OCTA’s Board of Directors. Keck is also a member of the Board of Governors for the American Public Transportation Association.

“In Kevin’s case, he was an exceptional leader who led this organization through a challenging period of change,” said Maynard. “I wish him and his family and all our employees the best of luck in their future endeavors. They will continue to make a positive impact in the communities that serve them.”

We are so proud of Kevin Keck – a true team player, a team leader, a guy who we all called when there was a really good issue to be handled or some issue where we had to be ready to tackle something new and the way he dealt with it was always right on. He’s a true leader of the organization. As a member of our board, I think he did a great job in leading the organization in the difficult times we all experienced. Thanks for everything Kevin, and we all wish you all the best.

– Thomas Larkins, Chairman, OCTA Executive Board of Directors

“I was honored to work with Kevin as part of his tenure leading OCTA. His accomplishments reflect those of our organization

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