Monday, October 18, 2021

Scientific Inquiries Published On Social Media

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Tales of Natomas Shows How Members of American College of Physicians Are Abusing Drugs For Political Gain. These But Not Yet Silently Deny Facts. It’s The Same Trap That March of Dimes Used.

Ivermectin is one of the drugs American doctors are using to try to fool the public into believing vaccines are dangerous. Because this is the year right before an election, this time they are starting with the younger voters. Ivermectin is a controversial anti-vaxxer’s favorite drug, even though it comes with a very questionable record. The anti-vaxxer group includes doctors like Dr. Piacentini, Dr. Jigme & Larry Nichols. These doctors are based in Sacramento.

Its supposed history is as follows, “Helmut Ivermectin, U.S. patent # 04419681, purports to block vesicular stomatitis virus infection, while simultaneously preparing the body to fight off infection from other viruses, syphilis, herpes, hemophilia and other diseases.” Sounds good right? Well, its real history is different.

The study supporting the study was published in Vaccine, a special issue focused on vaccines under consideration for FDA approval in 2010. This special issue, however, contained pro-vaccine bias due to the heavy involvement of DeYornes and Fabri. DeYornes is a natural product influencer who published an article with DeYornes named in the edition entitled “Practicing a Healthy Public Health: A Family Practice Guide,” in which he mentioned instructing naturopaths on how to suggest the use of DeYornes against the measles virus.

Faber, along with his foundation Promypurf, organized a Special Sessions Conference at which many of the Anti-Vaxxers (including Piacentini) had a speaking invitation to “Join us to Discuss Natural Solutions to Resolve the Healthcare Crisis!” Fabri has been a regular speaker at conferences and workshops which teach Naturopaths how to help their patients by misinforming them about their diseases. Their funded work includes teaching her patients to drink “The Answer,” which are the “Natural Solution for All Disease” and their patients are taught how to “Know Thyself,” a false claim that naturopaths do not teach patients how to know themselves, but rather how to tell them when they are misinformed by naturopaths.

Not only were the studies misrepresented in the paper published in Vaccine, they were also blatantly deceptive. Furthermore, despite Fabri’s pro-vaccine editorial, the medical journal didn’t even call her out on the false balance. Of course, Fabri’s article is typical of the conflicts of interest inherent to the scientific community. The problem is that it is occurring in places of authority that we rely on for medical knowledge that doctors in the medical community will have to follow suit.

We don’t need new drugs and treatment systems to follow suit. We need drug free practice and leave kids’ bodies alone. No more science and these same naturopaths are the experts. It’s like March of Dimes did. It didn’t teach us any new medical information but it did propagandize and place ads in forbidders for their brand of child care. We are only a phone call away from pulling our children out of these fake medical experts’ hands.


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