Thursday, October 21, 2021

Student’s father found submerged after accident

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Laundrie & Associates has released the following statement regarding the passing of 24-year-old Florida woman, Gabby Petito, who passed away on April 19, just four days after Brian’s accidental drowning, and his father, Brian was on his daily drive from Orlando to his home in Sanford. Petito, along with two other passengers, were vacationing in Orlando. The cause of death, officially determined to be by drowning, is due to blunt force trauma (broken neck) to the neck and torso area. The medical examiner’s office confirmed Mr. Laundrie’s father’s death due to the incident. The autopsy and toxicology results are pending, however, there were no signs of current intoxication and no illegal substances were found in his system.

Sources confirm that Mr. Laundrie was described as in “really good spirits” when he surfaced at 9:45 am following his son’s head-first exit from the pool. The unidentified man quickly returned home to get a night’s rest, as his son was “up all night” and most likely “laying on the grass searching for the rocks.” The elder Laundrie, a retired police officer, made a quick getaway, attempting to ditch the vehicle in which his son drowned. He believes he “crossed paths” with two boys on a bicycle, rushing towards the vehicle first, only to be run down by a car, which then hit the 39-year-old while he was running for it.

Gabby’s mom, Diana Petito, was also in the car at the time of the incident, with Brian as their designated driver, and the two had argued just minutes before the accident. Based on information and intuition, Brian, and his parents, prayed that the sudden death of their 24-year-old daughter was “just a bad dream.” Only hours later, Diana was informed by a hospital worker that her daughter had been found dead by a friend of the Petito family.

Local ABC affiliate WESH reports that, “Petito, a marine biology student at Rollins College, was found in the deep end of the pool. ‘Everything points to an accident, but I have no idea if it was an accident or if it was [mistake] on their part to take the children into the pool,’” Katrina, a friend of the Petitos, told WESH.

WESH further states that, “Hours after her body was found, Jean Petito said his son is okay, but ‘crippled’ and ‘doubtful of returning.’” His recovery may take “months or maybe years.”

Neither Jean Petito nor relatives have divulged the name of the late 24-year-old student. The lack of words from the family, as well as their community, is overwhelming. (Source:

SOURCE:Brian Laundrie’s father seen for first time, leaves home for quick milk run as autopsy confirms Gabby Petito’s death

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