R. Kelly and Craig Gardner in The Sex Tape Trial

On Saturday, Just had a court date where they’re still deliberating in the DVRROUBLE trial. #rtdownload pic.twitter.com/6cVNhBdEF0 — Tazim Salahuddin (@thasokila) March 24, 2020 @nbcchicago … Read more


‘The Conjuring 2’ house sells for over £850,000

Image copyright REALTORS DE LA PAZ Image caption The house was featured in ‘The Conjuring 2’ The Rhode Island home featured in The Conjuring 2 has sold for $1.2 million (£850,000), the new owner


How to look your best for Instagram pictures

Andrew Lowry Look after your face! It’s the best part of your body, and it’s worth taking care of. If you had a camera to take pictures of every tiny hair follicle, won’t be