Facebook India head fired after Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook India’s marketing director Vivek Malhotra, left the company after being suspended from the company following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Malhotra was suspended last month pending an investigation by the India operations’ board. He


Why a modern wedding was just what the couple needed

[W/PROTOTYPE: Mumbrella are following up with a royal expert, as the nuptials and excitement of the royal wedding dominate the week’s headlines. As a result of the nuptials, Mumbrella heard from Personal Branding Consultant


Stranded in time with design-inspired maps

Written by By Eyob Maynard, CNN Drawing inspiration from the British South Downs, New Design USA founders Maarten Baas and Richard Deacon decided to give one of their 60 spaces, at RISD Art Prize


AI is here: the same is not true for humanity

It’s easy to catch yourself staring at a screen, occasionally reaching for your smartphone, and without realising it, have chosen to replace being human with “real life experience.” Last time I looked, I had