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The New Hate-Term of Choice

The New Hate-Term of Choice

Editorial: Antisemitism has to be called out wherever and whenever it shows up. The Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide, the Balkans, the Middle East, and now in the United States, the current presidential election. All things that are used to silence people under the guise of “safety.”

I had never heard the term before the election. Since then, the word has appeared on all the channels. In both the mainstream media and the alternative media, people of color, Jews, those with dissenting views, are now referred to as “racist” or “xenophobic” or “anti-white,” and sometimes both.

That last word is the new hate-term of choice, used by “civil rights” activists to silence those who do not agree with their agenda. The word has now become the new hate-term of choice to describe those who oppose any form of racism and discrimination, no matter how subtle.

“The question is,” wrote author and historian Bernard Lewis, “has America lost its mind?”

As the word is used to silence anyone who does not agree with the status quo, it is usually a sign that the mainstream media is losing control. In order to make the word acceptable, the media has had to find a new way to explain to the public why the word is acceptable, and is not hateful.

The real problem with the new term, as it is being picked up by the media, is that it takes the real meaning of “racism” out of the picture. That is what it really is: an insult and a way to silence and punish people who challenge the status quo.

The new term has been used in every presidential election since the 1970s, because the term is a political weapon. It is not a legitimate phrase, but it does provide cover for the media. So long as they do not say the “real” word “racism,” they do not have to have to deal with the fact, which is that there is no such thing as anti-white racism.

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