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The Pilgrims of America

The Pilgrims of America

Op-Ed: End the romance of Thanksgiving, as a great Pequot scholar argued two centuries ago.

“[T]he first Thanksgiving was a great family feast… It was a feast… made by the Pilgrims. They cooked their own chickens and… made pies out of wild grapes.” – Pequot Chief Little Pequot (1619-1675) in The Historie of the Province of Massachusett’s Narragansett Indians by John Winthrop (1703).

In November, thousands of pilgrims pour into Plymouth to spend Thanksgiving Day in the heart of the United States. As the pilgrims head towards the city of Boston, pilgrims from other countries have been arriving since October 23rd and have already made their way to Boston by boat. Thousands travel from across the world to spend the holiday season in America. In New England, the pilgrims are called the Pilgrims. They are known as “The Pilgrims” in Europe, and are called “The Pilgrims” in North America. In addition, Native Americans who are living in the area of The Bay of Fundy are called “Pilgrims of the Bay.” “The Pilgrims” is a common American name. In fact, Pilgrims is a name that was used for American colonists from the late 1600’s-early 1700’s.

After landing in New England, pilgrims were required to do a good deed for themselves. The pilgrims had to perform their deeds to the Lord before receiving their gifts and were forced to stay in the American colonies for a while. This forced them to build a new life in America. The term “Pilgrim” has become a common term to identify Americans.

The Pilgrims settled on Plymouth for several reasons. The Pilgrims intended to become an urban group of settlement, with the goal of making a living by growing food, growing wool, manufacturing guns, and producing salt. The Pilgrims, however, were not born or bred in England. They were Frenchmen who were escaping from the French revolution. Many of the Pilgrims had been born in France in the time of the French monarchy. They settled in the New World, where they were born, as refugees. The Pilgrims were not willing to give up their religion until they had settled in the region

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