Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Tennis Pro and His Partner Are Allegedly Involved in College Admissions Scandal

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According to court documents, the parents of fraud victims accepted gifts totaling more than $25 million for giving their children the edge when it came to getting into elite colleges. What was more shocking was the revelation that John “Joe” McEnroe and his business partner were among the participants in this alleged conspiracy.

As Gawker first reported, McEnroe and his partner paid a total of $3.3 million for their daughter’s “preferred admission status” to Southern California’s elite Claremont McKenna College. McEnroe, the self-described “people’s champion,” is famous for his considerable tennis skills but also is regarded as a celebrity in the world of tennis, world events, and the sports and entertainment industry.

The two-time Wimbledon champion first made national headlines when he published a one-man Broadway show in 2009, which he later sold for more than $300,000. McEnroe is now executive vice president of P.C. Richard & Son, a New York-based law firm that also has offices in Palm Beach and Miami. Prior to that, McEnroe was the longtime sports reporter for CBS Sports.

Read the full story at The Daily Beast.


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