Monday, October 18, 2021

This Drag Queen Has a Group of Computer Scientists Replacing Her Computer Code

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Anna Lytical, the Canadian drag queen, is a dab hand with the selfie stick. As a “video blogger” for TikTok, a photo-and-video-sharing app for teens, Lytical is no stranger to showing off the fun and spontaneity she experiences in her daily adventures.

What Lytical is not is a computer programmer. And she isn’t very good at it, either. For that she leaves it to a group of creative programmers in Toronto.

That group of three has been using Lytical’s public videos to explain coding in a way that appeals to a young audience. For example, they took Lytical’s challenge to explain Angry Birds in jingle form and turned it into a musical. They also took her video of her hanging out with New York-based performers Jamie Bradshaw and Rafi Ariel and turned it into an open-source project that could be replicated by any TikTok user. (Jamie Bradshaw is a member of the Agorista & C™ dyftee comedy group.)

In an interview with CTV News, Lytical attributes her interest in technology and coding to a controversial decade-old YouTube video by YouTube star Hank Green that helped spur her interest in coding. “I never learned the zeros and ones in math, but the programming language made sense of my brain,” Lytical said.

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