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Trump is the Only One Capable of Wining in November

Trump is the Only One Capable of Wining in November

Oz surges in the polls following Fetterman’s rocky debate performance in the last debate

The national political climate today is far more uncertain than any other week in the last seven months.

And for the first time in the campaign, the campaign was on the doorstep of its first big showdown with a former president. It was a tough night for the Trump campaign on Thursday and will be tougher Friday. And the next seven days are crucial for the Trump campaign as they attempt to shake up the race and re-engage.

But the national political environment has never been more unpredictable. And so far, the Trump campaign has done nothing to make the race competitive.

The first debate was a disaster for Trump. He did not do well and was not attacked to the same level as Hillary Clinton. To the surprise of many, Trump stumbled, but the damage was done. For a week, Trump has been scrambling to regain his footing.

One week earlier, this race was deadlocked, with no clear front runner and an average of three candidates at 10 percent or above. Since then, things have changed rapidly.

Two new polls from the last few days show a shift in the race. One showed another surge for Trump and one showed a massive and unexpected surge for one particular candidate. This candidate is the only one capable of winning in November.

And they are both about Trump.

In a new poll, Trump takes an 8-point lead over Clinton. But this was not the poll that Trump needs to build momentum around him. This is a poll that says a candidate who cannot carry the state in November is a candidate who can carry the state. And it is polling Trump in November.

The poll was conducted by David Binder, a professor of political science at Michigan State University, on behalf of the Michigan Poll. It showed a significant shift in the race.

This comes just three days before Michigan holds its primary on Tuesday. It is an important and crowded primary, but the race is tighter than it has been in the last week.

And Trump is at a new and unprecedented high with 30 percent support

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