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Trump’s “Agreed to be the President of the United States”

Trump’s “Agreed to be the President of the United States”

AG Garland appoints special counsel to weigh criminal charges against Trump

The Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer who promised them dirt on Hillary Clinton? The campaign’s response to leaks from the U.S. intelligence community? The New York Times story that quoted Trump Jr. without identifying him in the paper’s stories? All valid questions.

“I am here today to announce that Donald Trump has agreed to be the president of the United States” Trump said Wednesday in a televised address during a White House event marking the anniversary of 9/11. “I will tell you all of the things that I can do to make America safe again. We will win again.”

The next day, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the start of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

In a statement, Trump said, “[T]his is not a witch hunt, it is a hoax and nothing from it will be true.”

He added, “It is my honor and my privilege to once again lead the most successful political campaign in American history.”

“I have decided that it is time to go to Washington, D.C., and to fulfill the many years of my life spent in public service,” Trump said. “This will be a great and memorable moment for our country. I will be giving a major speech on January 20 and taking questions on a number of important subjects.”

The president said he wants his family and friends around him to experience the moment “as I have never known anything so incredible.”

“I am looking so forward to seeing my family, my children, my wife, my grandchildren and my great grandchildren,” he said. “It truly has been an honor, first and foremost to be their father.”

Trump and his closest aides have also been busy putting their own plans into action over the last month.

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