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What in the world are they putting in macarons at Disney?

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Written by By Donna Cornwell, CNN

Disney Parks ‘ new culinary offerings are numerous and more than rewarding.

For holiday season, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party visitors can enjoy a chocolate truffle-encrusted whole hog at the “Christmas Kingdom” barbecues that are planned for the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom.

The “Star Wars”-themed event takes place in November (Nov. 23-Dec. 30) and Dec. 19-22 at all three parks. Guests will be served Christmas pie, hot apple cider and roast beef with horseradish potato salad and potatoes served on vintage German buns.

The event is a throwback to the 1940s, when any special occasion gave patrons the option of eating pork — provided by Disney. Guests at Christmas Kingdom can now feasting on smoked whole hogs pulled directly from the charcoal grill.

Courtesy Walt Disney World

But in much of the world, pigs are synonymous with pork chops — not whole hogs. And, according to Disney, you can now get a customized side of bacon to go with your Christmas T-bone with the new “Chopped” app at Disneyland Paris. (The concept is the same as the show, where cooks compete to eat their way to the top.)

“Celebrate the seasons in the right way with the answer to a simple question, ‘What if bacon was food?’ ” reads the Disney app description.

Wegmans, the New York-based grocery chain, debuted an exclusive “appetizer” flavor of its own for customers at the Disney Cocoa Festival in Tokyo.

The collection includes semolina ginger bread bites, salted caramel or cinnamon buns, assorted preserves, blueberry and peach peach jam, and Fruit salad and White chocolate custard dessert bites. A portion of the proceeds from the event go to charity.

Courtesy Disney

In September, Disney will introduce its first-ever hotel expansion at Disney World’s four parks in Orlando, Florida.

Disney’s Skyliner aerial gondola tours are now available at “Port Orleans” hotels — a luxury seaside resort in Lake Buena Vista, Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

“Disney’s Platinum Resorts’ Art Deco original Port Orleans Madison is now available to book for themed themed experiences at South of France Sunsets, Salute to Swing Break, Enchanted Shindig, In The Mood, 1940s and 1940s Disco Show, and the Year in Review Time Traveling Disco Shows,” according to the website.

While Disney’s the original designers of Wild Wishes were paid $150,000 to make the sweets experience, they took a more economical approach for the public.

“For the majority of the Wild Wishes brand’s productions since 1997, we rely on licensed partners or our own staff to make the macarons and cookies,” Mary Ross-Emile, Disney Parks VP of Main Food and Beverage, said in a statement.

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