Monday, October 18, 2021

What to expect at the Apple iPhone 13 event

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There will be rumours – a new phone and a new CEO. But what will you get? (Will that be the (at) HomePod?)

What to expect at the Apple iPhone 13 event

By next week we will know a lot more about the 2019 version of the iPhone. But until then, let’s run through what Apple is expected to be announcing at the event.

The phone

The rumour mill is quiet on the features of the new phone, as experts expect the main focus to be the design, with increasing use of edge-to-edge screens and removing the home button. The fact that the new phone will look significantly different from the current models is already evident. But Apple is staying tight-lipped until September to keep that mystery element alive.

A lot of products will also be showcased at the event – some new software features, alongside rumours of an updated version of the Apple Watch.

The (at) HomePod

Huge innovations will be showcased at the event but the biggest reveal will be the new iPhone. That means the company’s flagship device which will feature a new home button. The biggest change is likely to be removing the home button which in turn will open the door to the removal of Touch ID technology. That seems to mean most of the functions of the phone will now be possible through the screen, alongside rumours of a dual-lens camera.

Finally, it seems likely that the HomePod will have a makeover, in terms of casing, but it’s more likely that Apple will keep up its relationship with Sonos and put the same processors inside the new iPhone that form the HomePod.

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