Monday, October 18, 2021

When social media shut down for the Emmys

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At a time when the “This Is Us” finale resulted in confusion about who, exactly, was Robin Williams’ “son,” a lot of a last-minute ways to miss out on the 2019 Emmys kept being documented on social media. But here were some moments — or moments starting times — that were a lot less far-fetched:

2 PM – Jason Sudeikis’ sausage tweet. The “SNL” actor and comedian, known to bring the heat on the show’s carols, took to Twitter to express regret that he hadn’t asked to be the host, but the Twitterverse had other ideas.

Because as he explained, he was stuck working on his comedy Netflix show “I Love You, America.”

A lot of people agreed with him, and hit him up on Twitter. But others said “I love you too, Jason, but you will never get into this business for late night,” and the discussion continued.

That in mind, some tweets help illustrate the time-lapse of Sudeikis’ disservice. He tweeted he could show it in 72 hours or 48 hours, but in the meantime “watching the Emmy events as they happen.”

Some voters may, admittedly, have already voted. Some viewers may have. But many did not, so Sudeikis was airing his thoughts in the very public way the Twitterverse was. But despite the long days and the chaos, the host’s regrets felt as genuine as any “This Is Us” fan would have.

Even if Sudeikis ends up hosting next year (something he confirmed a few days later when he tweeted a warm congrats to host Billy Eichner and the nominees), here’s hoping his timeline isn’t an indicator for the future.

3:30 PM – Jean Smart’s tears. The veteran actress finally broke down in tears when asked about her nomination for her guest performance on the Amazon show “Transparent.” It is her first Emmy nomination for the series, but she said on the carpet she has thought about not going to the show or any time the show was nominated for 13 years. “I wondered: ‘Well, am I good? Am I pretty? Am I going to look good on the show?’ ” she said. “Finally I’m in. It’s been 13 years of, like, wondering.”

Smart, who has spent nearly her entire career in NBC and CBS shows — making her her show’s best-known face after playing Lt. Judy Maddy on “Ally McBeal” and Judith Peacham on “The West Wing” — said she’s happy “that people still look up to me,” and pointed out her love for “Ally McBeal.” “That show means the world to me,” she said.

4:20 PM – Seth Rogen’s meme. Though perhaps the night’s biggest game changer, Seth Rogen’s jokingly name-drops of NBC’s Hollywood game show, “The Wall,” caused him to get a trophy of his own. And his “F— NBC!” re-tweeting that night actually caused the Emmys to need to respond. “We have worked with Seth since 2010,” an NBC representative told THR. “We admire his honesty and humor, and look forward to working with him again soon.”

So did the rest of the internet. Either Rogen can tell more than ten jokes before taking a sip of his drink in that wine glass or he has more in store for us. Either way, he got NBC to back down in the end. The organization still acknowledged Rogen’s night of quips, but they also tied it to their ongoing “growth” strategy.

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