Why I’m convinced we’ll elect an independent-focused Republican President

By Tony Kearney, He may be wrong, and wrong probably is a mighty big word, but I am convinced Michael Bloomberg will one day be our nominee for President of the United States. Just

By Tony Kearney,

He may be wrong, and wrong probably is a mighty big word, but I am convinced Michael Bloomberg will one day be our nominee for President of the United States.

Just think of what might be if we had a real, honest broker – someone who could disrupt the status quo. Someone who could be on the ballot everywhere, drawing down huge amounts of independent dollars. Someone who would genuinely represent all of us. Someone who, with the support of everyone in this country, could slash our unemployment and taxes and gas prices and drug prices, and make all of the rest of our little problems disappear as surely as a sunbeam.

So what does he represent? Bloomberg is not a billionaire. He is not an outsider. He is a know-it-all insider. But why should we respect that? Why should we treat insider as the putative uniting factor? You can hold on to your Walmart chum and hobnob with Wall Street and the criminal casinos of Vegas, and yet you will still fail to unite millions of us. Why should we be okay with that?

I believe the answer is because it’s dangerous to trust those you don’t agree with. It is also immoral.

I came of age in a time when the Democrat Party was the great American party. It was the modern party. The party of progress, the party of unity, the party of freedom. But it lost my trust, and it lost the trust of millions of people.

It handed Washington over to Wall Street, putting us on the hook for crushing mortgage debt, and worse. It handed over our tax dollars to BP, in search of a solution to the Gulf disaster. It gave the freedom to personalization and immediacy to communication, giving us everything we ever wanted, and turned a blind eye to an epidemic of obesity and obesity related diabetes. The Democrats kept giving us meaningless and useless subpoenas of companies, while giving more tax dollars to Big Pharma, and in the case of Big Oil and Big Tobacco getting huge tax breaks for doing some things that were not particularly good.

The Democratic Party was left on the sidelines while Republicans stuck to their old ways and were unable to understand the new realities and look toward the future and the good of our country. This, coupled with their reluctance to listen to candidates who did not agree with them, created a miasma of discontent. And as everyone knows, the Republicans were moving steadily toward the Republican Party.

This miasma of discontent is what’s helped set the stage for the great populist rise of the Republican Party, and this is the same situation that is now making Bloomberg’s example as an outsider so appealing.

Bloomberg hates the Republican Party, and like many others he has determined that it will take someone like him to win back power. He is telling us that it is time for a change. He is telling us that the days of party boss control of our parties are over, and that we will be governed by voters and not by party bosses.

Bloomberg is telling us that as a businessman we need not fear Obama and the Democrats, because he’s running as an independent. We won’t have two parties, we will have one. He is saying that as a businessman we need not fear the Republican Party, because he’s running as an independent.

If Bloomberg turns his attention to a Presidential campaign, he will be the ultimate candidate for economic anxiety and frustration. And while that’s not a Democratic Party issue (yet), if we are going to end our clinging to President Bush’s failed policies, this is exactly the candidate we should elect.

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