Monday, October 18, 2021

Your account has been hacked: Secret Santa asks ‘have you bought a load of petrol?’

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Earlier this year, the UK’s busiest department store stores were shut down after a footfall bomb, prompting immediate questions about the future of retail.

Would the out-of-date shopping malls of middle-class Britain, its inhabitants blithely unaware of the rise of alternatives such as online shopping and “disruption” from “techno-savvy” retailers be able to survive in the face of the present-day golden age of the motor car?

Funnily enough, Britons were apparently willing to buy petrol as a way of putting things right.

A poster on the popular code-name app Secret Santa on Thursday advised friends to “Buy you a load of motor fuel”. Another user of the app, an internet-savvy hospitality industry worker, similarly claimed to have “ordered a load of fuel for my emergency, friends”.

Someone else, at a location just outside Bristol, was so bored of watching people go for a stroll on Twitter that he hacked into the service and made it temporarily interactive.

He tweeted: “If someone steps on a stampede lane they won’t be penalised, at least not for a while. Thanks to Twitter I’ve ‘stampeded’ so many people in the UK that I’m now a legitimate public transport route.”

At least the new “rich” Britain is still prepared to pay for electricity as well as petrol.

As another user admitted: “You may be richer but you’re still shatter.”

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