Monday, October 18, 2021

10 of our favorite vegan-friendly vegan meals from Disney parks

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Think of Disney as a whole different kind of cookie.

The Magic Kingdom is a quick-service restaurant of amusement. It has a picnic table restaurant known as Safari Tours, some boxed meal-like options (a Dumbo dinner and a Middle Eastern shrimp and egg salad appetizer, among them), and a sub shop that serves handmade pizza, a specialty from its retro “ears” restaurant.

Disney is also a major marketer, a place where you can find just about any snack you could want (it’s why it’s the largest consumer marketer on the planet, say its directors, who probably just went on vacation). One of Disney’s most inventive shoppers, as described by one Walt Disney World executive, is a pair of cashiers — Sheila and Ardynee — whom he claimed could order food for more than 10,000 guests at once. That’s roughly a dozen people per year, who are served at one time.

Below, 10 of our favorite choices that you can find at Disney. If you love them, we suggest you keep them coming in droves.

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