Monday, October 18, 2021

DJ Diplo sues woman over STD allegations

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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Diplo is suing a woman for sexual battery after she accused him of giving her an STD.

DJ Diplo has sued a woman for sexual battery after she accused him of giving her an STD, a court document shows.

The DJ, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, claims Laura Adkisson falsely accuses him because he was the “other guy” in their relationship.

Ms Adkisson claims the “illicit erotic encounters” she has with Diplo have been “at the expense of her self-esteem”.

Ms Adkisson’s ex-husband, Calvin Sykes, has also filed a lawsuit against Diplo for “abusive behaviour”.

The lawsuits were filed in Ohio state court on behalf of the women last week.

To recap, Ms Adkisson alleges the men knew they were STD-free but were having unprotected sex with her when they did.

“She alleges an extramarital affair, sex, physical abuse, unreasonable and abusive behaviour, and an unnecessary pregnancy and abortion,” her lawyer told the Daily Beast.

Diplo and Sykes both deny “the terrible accusations” made against them, according to the lawsuits.

Both the DJ and Sykes claim that Ms Adkisson’s claim about an STD is “unsupported”. They say she is trying to deflect attention from her situation.

“In March of 2017, she began being sexually intimate with another man that she found online while she was still in a relationship with Diplo,” they claim.

Diplo has previously denied Ms Adkisson’s allegations about an affair.

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