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I’m Not Scared Again

I’m Not Scared Again

Tell us your coming-out-of-pandemic isolation stories! It could help the other readers in your city!

I was home alone in a hospital waiting room the day the pandemic hit, and I was so scared. My house was a mess. My cats were all scared to death. I had no friends, so I didn’t even look up the news, I just locked myself in my room to wait it all out. I woke up the next morning and felt fine. Except, I knew my cats were sick. And I was scared about what would happen to them. So I looked up the rest of the news and saw that everyone had pretty much followed the same advice. Stay at home, wear a mask, stay home, wear a mask. I felt so dumb for not listening to the experts. I was so scared to go outside, the wind blowing through my nose. It hurt to breathe, it felt so bad. They said to wash your hands often, and not touch your face, and not touch your eyes. But the advice about the eyes, and touching the face — I thought, maybe I am just super-hygienic, and maybe that’s what made me go out anyway. I didn’t know how important the eyeballs were to a virus. And I’m not even one of those germophobic folks who will never touch their face, I just washed my hands often, I never wore a mask, so maybe I’m just immune to these viruses.

Maybe this was my first encounter with the virus, and it was very frightening for me, but I’m not sure I ever will be scared again. I like to think that I have learned about the virus, and I’m not going to let it scare me anymore.

If your child or a family member is sick or isolated because of the pandemic (or you yourself are isolated), share your story below. Tell us about how your child is feeling.

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