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Kanye West’s “This is America” film is “insulting”

Kanye West’s “This is America” film is “insulting”

MRC pulls Kanye West doc: ‘We cannot support any content that amplifies his platform’

The MRC has pulled “This is America” – Kanye West’s latest documentary film on America’s immigration problem – after it emerged the film’s distributor, Defy Media, could not show “a white supremacist” such as West and the film was “insulting.”

The Daily Beast reports that a representative for the MRC received an email from Defy Media’s co-founder Andrew Weisblum:

“This is an insult to us as we live in a country where many of the most basic rights that we take for granted as Americans are denied to people of colour. As a result, we cannot support any content that amplifies his platform.”

“There are many stories in this film which will have great impact on people of colour as a result of the Trump administration,” he added.

The MRC, The Hollywood Reporter reports, responded:

“We were contacted by Andrew Weisblum of Defy Media. The information he sent to MRC is accurate. We disagree with the premise of his film and we cannot support any content that amplifies his platform. We stand behind the original filmmakers and will take appropriate actions.”

West famously released the documentary through a Kickstarter campaign that garnered nearly $350,000 from fans. The film will premiere during this year’s Oscar ceremony.

The film follows West as he interviews several activists and others who discuss America’s immigration problems, including the imprisonment of non-criminal illegal immigrants and the use of private contractors.

The film begins with West admitting he is a hypocrite for rapping about being a “free agent” in the United States even as he is in this country illegally.

West has also used his music to advocate for immigration reform and other issues in the past. In a 2010 interview, West proclaimed himself “the first African-American president,” claiming that he was “the only president that’s ever truly been free.” He added:

“I feel like

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