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Kelly Clarkson Wears a Dress and Coat by Chloé

Kelly Clarkson Wears a Dress and Coat by Chloé

What Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Wore Last Week at the Grammy Awards

By Rachel Adams

It’s that time of year again, the week when the Grammys are held in Los Angeles. This year’s ceremony was held on Sunday, March 3rd at the Staples Center. One of the big stories on Monday was Kelly Clarkson’s performance of “A Moment Like This,” which she sang at the 2013 American Music Awards. On top of that, it was also the week that Megan Fox wore a dress and a dress coat by Chloé.

We already wrote about Kelly Clarkson’s performance here, but let’s break down her outfit first. The dress comes in at size 16 (the equivalent of a size 8) and it has a deep V-neckline, some ruffles and a cuffs, and it’s covered in fabric flowers. The coat comes in at size 16/18 and has a similar flower pattern to the one on her dress. According to the dress’s website, it originally cost $2,000 but was listed at $3,000 after Chloé changed the design on it.

The dress was designed by David LaChappelle, better known as one half of The R&B duo The Dream. And we can only imagine who he chose for the coat.

The dress and coat are both available at Chloé and the cost of each is $3,650.

In her dress, Clarkson wore a deep V-neck, asymmetrical ruffles with a cincture, and some flower-like material to decorate her top. Her dress has also been featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in a promo for the episode.

We know we’re all over the moon about Megan Fox’s outfit from the Glee episode “New Directions: Quiver.” We also know that her dress is from Chloé, but you never know what the dress will be like until you wear it. And what did Chloé do? Well,

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