Monday, October 18, 2021

Linda Evangelista sues over big scarred forehead

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Written by By Laline Paull, CNN

Linda Evangelista is suing the creators of CoolSculpting — the popular weight loss treatment that involves the removal of fat cells with lasers. She alleges the laser procedure caused her a “massive” incision on her forehead, eye and throat.

Evangelista, 45, said she went to a CoolSculpting clinic in New York on May 3 last year, in order to reduce her “extra skin,” according to her lawsuit filed at Manhattan Supreme Court. She said she was advised it would cost $7,500.

By the end of the treatment she “noticed a tremendously painful swelling of her forehead and a massive incision and seepage of blood from the incision on her forehead,” the lawsuit said.

Evangelista also claims that she “noticed enormous pain” in her left eye and that the “suck pressure and pressure felt to her throat was even more than it was prior to and following an existing treatment,” according to the lawsuit.

CoolSculpting has a loyal fan base, with thousands of people who have paid to undergo treatment. The name CoolSculpting was shortlisted for the 2012 Business of Beauty Award, alongside choices including Swarovski, Estee Lauder and Bumble and Bumble

But the clinic at the center of Evangelista’s lawsuit, Surgical Control Dermatology, is no longer open. The owner is now a registered nurse at another clinic, according to state health department records. A Yelp user now claims there’s a fake doctor in charge of the business.

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