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The body of a Nigerian singer’s son was found in his home in Lagos

The body of a Nigerian singer's son was found in his home in Lagos

Police question nanny of Nigerian music star Davido following death of his three-year-old son

(CNN) — They’re all looking for answers.

A police investigator with the Lagos State Police, who is one of more than 50 cops on duty on Saturday, has already begun checking in neighbors in the neighborhood of the home where the body of a three-year-old Nigerian music star’s son was found earlier this week.

About 50 police officers, police personnel and residents had converged on the Lagos home of popular singer Adekunle Ajayi on Thursday night. By Friday, the Lagos police had recovered the body of the boy and a neighbor has said the death was caused by blunt force trauma.

Ajayi had three boys with him at the time of his death and his wife and lawyer had flown to Lagos from Nigeria. The boy’s stepmother, who was believed to have killed him, lived in the house. The Lagos media has not name all the suspects in the case, citing a section of the law that allows for suspects to be named at the prosecutor’s discretion.

Police said the boy’s father had also arrived in Nigeria to check in on the boy. The father told authorities he had been with Ajayi the night before he was killed and had left Ajayi in the care of the boy’s mother.

But the boy’s mother, who had already started flying to the States, told news services she was unaware her son was with the singer, her lawyer said. She has also been called by Nigerian police, who want to question her about it, News 12 reported.

The father of the victim is a doctor who works at the University of Illinois Hospital in Urbana, while his wife was an English literature major at a university in Nigeria when she married Ajayi. The couple have a daughter together.

“It’s clear they were having a relationship before his death,” CNN’s Phil Gasti said of the couple.

“It’s not clear whether the boy even lived with his mother… the mother has said he wasn’t there when they lived in the house.”

Ajayi’s body was found by a gardener Wednesday morning. He was discovered by his stepmother while his body was laying in the bathroom. Police say his

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