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The Latin Grammy Awards: The New Category System

The Latin Grammy Awards: The New Category System

5 things to watch for at the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards

It’s not often that a musician wins five years in a row, or ten, or 25, or 30, but that’s just what happened last night at the Latin Grammy Awards. From the very first few minutes it was clear that the evening would be one of the most exciting shows of the year. From the first few moments, it was clear that the category system needed an overhaul.

The first category, Best Rock Song was always going to be a difficult one to win, though it was not all that different from the first ever GRAMMYs category, Best Pop Vocal Album. As such, many artists who are known for rock music, rather than pop music, were left with nothing to sing about as they lined up to perform.

That’s not a bad problem to have, though. After all, we live in times where being perceived as a rock star is still seen as preferable to being seen as a pop star.

However, the categories for both Rock and R & B, as well as Best Urban Contemporary and Best Urban Rock were completely new. Each saw three categories in each, with the winners being decided by simple majority vote and there was clearly no love for one genre or the other.

This was something new I’d never seen before. The winners were revealed in the form of a live concert, though, which meant that it was live from the actual award ceremony.

The award show itself lasted for 12 minutes, but was pretty much all of that plus an extra few seconds of award announcements. The award show started with a brief introduction and then the performers entered separately. Then, it was time to sing and dance as their songs played on stage and the crowd swayed to the music.

All of the categories this year were in the Rock category. The exceptions being the Urban Contemporary and Urban Rock categories.

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