Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Story Behind the Trademark Tussle on Instagram

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Haya Paige of Brooklyn-based U.S. Wedding Dress, who has more than 600,000 Instagram followers, is fighting a court order to be suspended from the social media site for allegedly making false statements. Ms. Paige’s action, the Times reports, was “raised by the British clothing company, Turner & Co.”

Ellen Pollack, Ms. Paige’s attorney, told the Times that the order was issued following “a dispute over commercial space under the name U.S. Wedding Dress.” She added that the company, which is one of U.S. Wedding Dress’s biggest clients, wanted to use its “full intellectual property rights” to keep her off of the site.

“U.S. Wedding Dress has found itself in this position because it is attempting to restrict someone else’s access to her intellectual property,” Ms. Pollack said. “If what they are claiming is correct, it’s just a matter of women’s rights and their ability to make creative choices.”

NerdWallet suggests that Ms. Paige has been targeted because of “spoiler alerts” on the site — something that is reported to be against the law, since making and publishing spoiler alerts could be an act of fraud.

Ms. Paige’s Twitter bio reads: “I make bridal fashion. I help brides find style and inspiration. I break records. I am an internet sensation. What can you do if you’re feeling lost.”

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