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Trump vs Kasich — What Is The Case?

Trump vs Kasich — What Is The Case?

How will Bass or Caruso win? Latino vote, liberal unity, voter rage, rain all factors to be considered.

If no-one gets the nod to win, I will be very happy. If Bass wins even with the odds being stacked against him, I will be really happy. This is probably what the people wanted. It’s why a certain person is still not president.

I wonder if we will finally have a Dem-Dem race now. The only Dem that I know that can be the nominee is Hillary, or there is no Dem on the other side of the aisle. What if Caruso is the next Dem nominee, but no one has the guts to tell him to not run for another term? Hillary would have to be able to handle his loss and still win the election. That would be really interesting.

I also wonder if a Trump – Kasich ticket would have a shot with Dems and Repubs. Kasich has won his home state of Ohio and he is popular in Ohio. I wonder if he would be able to compete with Trump. Kasich is from New York though, so would the voters even be receptive to him? Then again, a Trump – Kasich ticket would have the chance with Republicans as well.

I don’t believe Trump will even run. My guess would be he is doing what he is doing because he does not want to run in this race. He is probably going to pick Kasich to run with him. Kasich probably does not want to run. He is probably trying to get a VP nod. He and Trump share some views on certain things and maybe Trump would be able to get the nod and run as VP. I think that’s how Kasich is going to be if he is the nominee.

A third party candidate, I don’t think there will be a third party candidate on the ballot. The Libertarian Party has all but announced that they won’t seek any candidates for the presidency. I’d like someone from the Green Party to run.

I also read that Trump doesn’t believe in Democracy.

So I thought of a scenario of what might happen.

1- Trump, and Kasich would go into the race. The Dems would probably support Kasich for VP. Trump would just get the nod for president and he would likely get away with the same thing he did in

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