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Why a modern wedding was just what the couple needed

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[W/PROTOTYPE: Mumbrella are following up with a royal expert, as the nuptials and excitement of the royal wedding dominate the week’s headlines. As a result of the nuptials, Mumbrella heard from Personal Branding Consultant and one of the experts who compiled the must-have items to look for in this year’s wedding gift guide, Megan Hines, Personal Branding Consultant at HYPE! PR.]

The way we celebrate weddings is very different these days – it’s much more modern and we are really looking at it in a fresh way. When you think of the hype around her high profile engagement, Harry wanted to make sure they were really respectful to Meg’s mother. She’s from the USA, so she knows a lot about social media and know how to use it and I think that’s the reason why Harry wanted to do a more modern wedding.

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Also, Meghan knows about social media in America and she’s really careful about that. She was on social media before she was a royal and what I think is the difference with her is her sense of humour. I think her sense of humor has a really great heritage in her – she’s very familiar with comedy, that’s something that many of the British royals don’t know as much about. I think she’s very comfortable and sort of natural in that way, she doesn’t feel as if she’s overawed by it or under prepared. They’re making a few changes – they’re not going for a traditional dress or a traditional look. So I think that does set them apart.

On Harry and Meg’s dress

We did have some details about Meghan’s dress, they had a meeting with the designer one day after she was announced – they were intrigued by the long white dress and they were interested in what the choice of colours would be. I think it was something [Meghan] really enjoyed. The presentation was just as good as anything we’ve seen before in terms of how we have seen them as a couple. They were very emotional – she was very vulnerable, quite tearful, she shed a lot of tears. It was a very private and a special moment for them and their marriage will continue to be very private and very private between them.

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Meanwhile, we asked celebrity matchmaker to host A Precious Partnership: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

He says the pair are as different as night and day. Harry is 24-years-old and the feminist that he is, which is really exciting – Meg is about the same age, but has this sense of being more at home with pop culture, and as you can tell from the pics she likes her pop culture really.

And what he’s like in person?

It was really easy to tell them apart. Harry is the great fun guy and he really was having a laugh the whole time. And he wanted to hold Meg’s hand – he actually wanted to hold her hand while they were driving off and he had such a sense of humor about it. He made sure she was able to tie her shoe as she was walking – I was in stitches, and Megan was really funny. Harry is so into dancing and having a laugh, I haven’t met a more loyal friend in my life and all those little things he did for Meg, every time you see a photo of them together, they just had that same sort of energy and he made sure that she was very much a part of it and very much a priority.

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