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Why You Should Pay for Your First Class Status on the Airlines

Why You Should Pay for Your First Class Status on the Airlines

Want to Hold Onto Elite Status With Your Airline? It’s Going to Cost You.

It would be easy to let your status on a major airline slip away after you spent most of your life on and off the same plane, but as is the tradition of the traveling elite, you’ll find yourself flying first class with your current carrier many more times than you would have guessed. And, because of all this frequent flier miles, and the privilege of being allowed to fly first class on many of the world’s most popular airlines, you can expect to stay ahead of the curve, stay with the elite, and fly to places that you’ve only dreamed of visiting.

But just because you keep moving up doesn’t mean there aren’t many sacrifices you have to make to stay there. For you to get a free seat on many of the world’s most popular airlines, you’re going to have to do something that many people never consider, and that’s to be able to pay for your first-class status on the airlines.

You might see these prices as astronomical, or as cost-prohibitive, but in reality, the majority of people who use the services of the airlines, and the services of first-class status, are very well aware of the reality of what these fees are doing to their wallets.

It isn’t just that they’re getting a “free” seat; with an airline, especially an airline like Lufthansa or Southwest, you’re getting a certain level of service, and you’re being treated well. However, it’s usually at the expense of someone else. As you might imagine, being able to fly first class, especially on a world-class airline like Emirates, is not in and of itself a bargain. In fact, it’s often a nightmare for a number of passengers, especially if you’re traveling more than two or three times per year, since you’re spending money on

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